Your new collaboration tool.

HostWIRE is our new global crowdsourcing tool to help you connect with other journalists and to find and share journalism knowledge and resources. It's a chatroom where you can interact quickly and easily with other Hostwriter members. HostWIRE is where we can serve as each other's ”eyes and ears“ on the ground.


Are you looking for funding opportunities in your region or on the subject of your expertise? In search of grants or fellowships? Find them on HostWIRE.


In search of cross-border projects to work on? Looking for collaborators for your own cross-border project idea? Make connections on HostWIRE.


Looking for tips and tools specifically for journalists? Want to share your knowledge and resources to help others? Head over to HostWIRE.

How does it work?

Search & Find

Just click on a category to browse through the current topics, or click on the search icon at the top right of the screen to search for something specific.

New Topics

You can also create a new topic within a category to start a new conversation on a subject you care about.