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English Edition of Unbias the News Now Available for Sale in English!

Hostwriter’s new book, Unbias the News: Why diversity matters for journalism, is now available for sale in English! The book, which has been called “refreshing” and “entertaining” by reviewers, encompasses views from 31 different journalists spanning the globe, from Brazil… Continue Reading →

Application Process Opens for 2019 Hostwriter Prize

€5000 in Awards for Collaborative Journalism Projects (Berlin, Germany) 3 September 2019 – Hostwriter is now accepting applications for its 2019 Hostwriter Prize, which grants €5000 in awards for collaborative journalism projects between members. The deadline to apply for the… Continue Reading →

Unbias the News – Deutsche Buchversion jetzt im Handel

(Scroll down for English) Hostwriters neues Buch, “Unbias the News: Warum Journalismus Vielfalt braucht,” ist ab sofort über den CORRECTIV Online-Shop erhältlich. “Vielfalt ist keine Frage politischer Korrektheit. Es geht um Qualitätsjournalismus”, sagt Hostwriter CEO und Mitbegründerin Tabea Grzeszyk. Grzeszyk… Continue Reading →

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Tabea Grzeszyk


Co-founder Tabea works for the German National Radio programme DLF Kultur.

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Bernadette Geyer

COO & Communications

Bernadette Geyer is a freelance writer, editor, and translator with a background in marketing.

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Katja Heitmann


Katja is a freelance web developer and a member of 'Reinblau' in Berlin.

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Zahra Salah Uddin

Community Engagement

Zahra is an Erasmus Mundus Alumna and a freelance journalist interested in cultural reporting.

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Andy Wilke

Lead Design

Andy is a freelance graphic designer with a focus on branding and user experience.

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Christina Lee

Ambassador Network

Christina is a freelance writer and editor interested in travel and migration.

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Stefanie Sauer


Stefanie is a freelance accountant and a social scientist with a focus on education and discrimination.

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Mariana Delgado

Conversation Editor-Spanish

Mariana is a Colombia-based journalist reporting on conflict and peace-building practices.

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Mohammad Bassiki

Conversation Editor-Arabic

Mohammad is a Syrian journalist based in France and founder of the Syrian Investigations Unit - SIRAJ.

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