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Maybe you’re travelling for a story and want local wisdom before you arrive, or need to know how strict visa regulations are. Perhaps some of our members are part of an organisation you are interested in and can help you get in contact.

Use the hostwriter network to get help quickly and make contacts in areas and organisations you have no current links to.


Perhaps you have interviewed refugees in Germany but need to find an expert on migration to talk about the bigger picture, a photographer who has worked on a similar topic or a source on-the-ground in the country they came from.

Search hostwriter to find colleagues to work with across the world, or on your doorstep, with expertise you need and interests you share.




Are shrinking budgets preventing you from travelling for work? Maybe you need somewhere to sleep while attending a conference or you want to stay with an informed local to get the most out of a research trip, hostwriter can help!

Over half of hostwriter’s members offer their couch as well as advice and collaboration. Travel more for work and stay with a hostwriter journalist for free rather than in expensive hotels.

Code of Ethics


The ethos of hostwriter is one of collaboration, as both a practical necessity but also an ideal. It goes without saying members are expected to treat each other professionally. Giving advice does not mean revealing sensitive sources, engaging in research is not an invitation to steal someone’s story and sleeping at a colleauges is no free hotel room.

Before teaming up for collaboration, we strongly advise you to talk about the money issue. Please always make sure that the terms of collaboration are clear and all involved in agreement.

By becoming a member of hostwriter you agree to our code of ethics.