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Perhaps you’re travelling for a story and want local wisdom before you arrive, or need to know how strict visa regulations are.



Are you inquiring about the rise of right-wing parties in Europe or have done research in France but you lack information from the rest of the EU?


Maybe you need somewhere to sleep while attending a conference or you want to stay with an informed local journalist to get the most out of a research trip.

Success stories

@herrstang · Heidelberg

»Met up with hostwriter members @DirkLiesemer and @AarniK in Accra, Ghana. #networking«

@pen1710 · Cologne

»Completely flashed by @hostwriter. I have never seen so many journos interested in collaboration in one place. #readytogo«

@linsch · Munich

»We found journalist Lu Yang in Shanghai via hostwriter & together did a story called 'Is heavy metal too loud for China'. Great collaboration«

@FarahColette · Chicago

»@hostwriter This is AMAZING! I’ve been desperate for something like this!«

@melihcilga · Istanbul

»After having been hosted four times I have now finally been able to welcome a colleague in Istanbul«

@giannellisilvia · Lucca

»After having used hostwriter to do a story about #refugees I’m even more convinced that international collaboration is the key to quality journalism.«

@HanneCoudere · Antwerp

»We worked with wonderful colleagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Turkey who we found on hostwriter while we were on #theherointrail«

@mcatanzaro · Barcelona

»Thanks to @hostwriter I have found accommodation to join a conference for an investigation I am doing. Great service and new journo friends!«

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Tabea Grzeszyk

Tabea Grzeszyk

CEO & Co-Founder

Tabea works as a radio- and television journalist for several public German broadcasters.

Felix Franz

Project Manager

Felix is a freelance journalist who covers international affairs and events.

Tamara Anthony

Tamara Anthony

Co-Founder & Chairwoman

Tamara is a Parliament correspondent for the main news programme ARD.

Andy Wilke

Andy Wilke

Lead Designer

Andy is a freelance graphic designer with focus on branding and user experience.

Katja Heitmann


Katja is a freelance web developer and a member of 'Reinblau' in Berlin.

Sandra Zistl

Sandra Zistl


Sandra writes and edits for online and print publications in and around Munich.


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