Hostwriter gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

c/o Grzeszyk, Hobrechtstr. 16, 12047 Berlin

Company Register No.: HRB 16750, Fiscal Authorities: Hamburg North (see our founding documents). 


Visit us in our Berlin office:

c/o Thinkfarm, Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435 Berlin


Hostwriter was founded in August 2013 by German journalists Tamara Anthony, Tabea Grzeszyk and Sandra Zistl.

CEO: Tabea Grzeszyk

Contact: +49 176 52182697



Supervisory board 

Chairwoman: Tamara Anthony, ARD-Parliament Correspondent

Vice-Chairwoman: Jutta von Falkenhausen, lawyer

Maren Heltsche, Data-Analyst and Developer

Simon Tennant, Production Engineering Manager at Soundcloud

Michael Weber, Financial Expert and Founder